How to Deposit Japanese Yen (JPY)

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How to Deposit Japanese Yen (JPY) on has been at the forefront of the online crypto casino industry since we opened our virtual doors back in 2017.

We’re determined to make your online casino experience as enjoyable as possible, so we're improving the process to accept local fiat currency to make sportsbook bets and to play our popular slots , table games , and other casino content.

For players in Japan, this article explains how you can make deposits and withdrawals in Japanese Yen at Stake Casino .

Overview of the Japanese Yen Deposit Process

Visualising your account balance in your local currency can make life easier for anyone less familiar with cryptocurrencies and the rate at which their values fluctuate. This can help you exercise safer gambling as you better grasp how much you are wagering, making local currency payments the ideal choice for some of our customers.

If you’d like to make foreign currency deposits to your Stake account, you’ll need to ensure you have local currency enabled on your account, which requires a certain level of identity verification.

You can check your verification level by logging into your stake account and navigating to your wallet. Click on deposit, and you can toggle between crypto and local currency. If you see the JPY option, you can deposit your Yen.

How to Complete Identity Verification

If you experience any issues when trying to perform a Japanese Yen bank transfer, it is likely due to having provided insufficient KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation to satisfy our requirements. You can rectify your JPY deposit issues by checking your KYC level and uploading the relevant information required.

Usually, upon submitting your documentation, your ID verification is processed in minutes, so hang tight, and you can deposit your funds and start playing our latest releases in no time. Japanese driving licenses or passports are required to achieve Verification Level 2 to proceed with your bank transfer in Japanese Yen.

How to Create an Account on Vega Wallet?

Once you have achieved the correct verification level, you have many choices for your fiat currency transaction. You can make secure transfers via fast bank transfer or using a Vega Wallet to deposit JPY; the latter requires registration for a new Vega Wallet account.

Head to your wallet, select deposit and toggle to local currency. Select JPY and Vega as your payment provider. Be sure to have your Vega user ID and password to hand, then select your desired deposit amount and click deposit.

Note that you will encounter difficulties depositing via Vega if you enter your credentials incorrectly even once. If this happens, contact our customer support team.

What is a Fast Bank Transfer?

Fast bank transfers are available for certain local bank transfers, which can see transfer times as little as 2-3 minutes.

JPY fast bank transfers are not supported by all institutions; for example, they are not possible from foreign bank accounts. You can enjoy fast bank transfers from the following institutions:

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank SMBC Mizuho Bank
PayPay Bank SBI Sumishin Net Bank Rakuten Bank
au Jibun Bank Bank of Fukuoka Seven Bank
Saitama Resona Bank Resona Bank Japan Post Bank
Sony Bank Suruga Bank GMO Aozora Net Bank
Aeon Bank Tokyo Star Bank Hokkaido Bank
Chiba Bank Hiroshima Bank Kagoshima Bank
SBI Shinsei Bank Hokuriku Bank Kansai Mirai Bank
Musashino Bank Bank of Kyoto Shizuoka Bank
Bank of Yokohama Awa Bank Kanto Tsukuba Bank
Hokuto Bank 77 Bank Okinawa Bank
Nishi-Nippon City Bank

How to Withdraw Your Funds

You’ve successfully funded your account, taken advantage of our exciting casino bonuses to help you boost your prize potential, and hopefully scored a big payout. The next step is withdrawing your winnings.

The first thing to remember when it comes to withdrawing funds is that you must use the same fund transfer method. In addition, when using Japanese Yen, you must complete the 100% wagering requirement before withdrawing your funds.

Additional Support Services

If you need any additional support when it comes to working with fiat currencies or any financial activities, you’ll find a wealth of information at our comprehensive help center , where most FAQs are answered, or on the Stake blog .

If you still need help, you can contact our customer support team using the live chat function on our website for 24/7 assistance.