1. General

1.1. The official results for a race are determined in accordance with the applicable rules of racing set by the governing body in the jurisdiction in which the race event is run.

1.2. All racing bets are settled based on the declaration of the official final result of the race as made by the relevant racing authority on the day. Once the official result is declared, the result will not be affected by subsequent disqualifications or amendments.

1.3. If a Dead Heat occurs, reduced returns shall be awarded on all runners involved in the dead heat. The reduction on returns shall be dependent on the number of runners involved in the Dead Heat. The reduced return will be the expected Payout of the bet divided by the total number of runners involved in the Dead Heat.

1.4. Whilst Stake strives to provide the most up to date and accurate form, we are not liable for any errors from our providers regarding Thoroughbred, Harness or Greyhound form.

1.5. Stake reserves the right to cancel any wagers where it reasonably suspects an account or associates have manipulated a totalisator pool or breached any of our T&C’s.

1.6. Stake reserves the right to close and or restrict a member's Betting Account and refund the balance of his/her Betting Account, without further explanation.

1.7 There is no cash-out available for any horse racing, all bets are final, and we will not cancel or refund any bets. Customers must place bets correctly.

2. Market Specific Rules

2.1. Win Betting

2.1.1. All Win Bets require the selected runner to finish in first place to be successful. Win Bets may be placed with either Fixed Odds or Starting Price (SP) Odds (see rule 4.1-2).

2.1.2. Dead Heat rules and Scratching deductions rules apply for winning Bets.

2.2. Place Betting

2.2.1. Where there are eight (8) or more runners in a race, a place dividend shall be paid on first, second and third places. If you placed a bet on fixed odds when the field had 8 or more runners and the field later reduced to 7 or less runners, first, second and third places will be paid, however deductions may apply.

2.2.2. Where there are seven (7), six (6) or five (5) runners in a race, a place dividend shall be paid on first and second places only.

2.2.3. Where there are less than five (5) runners in a race, all wagers shall be on a 'Win Only'. If late scratchings of a runner/s reduces the field below five (5) runners, all Fixed odds place bets will be refunded if there is no possibility for a collect.

2.3 Each Way Betting

2.3.1 Each Way includes betting a horse to Win AND to Place at equal stakes. It will cost twice as much as it's value (i.e. $10 Each-Way = $20 cost) because you are staking a horse to win and to place. 2.3.2 If the selected horse finishes in the placing they will receive the Place dividend, but if it wins the race they will receive both the Win and Place dividends.

2.4. Exotic Betting

2.4.1. Stake will offer the following Exotic markets where possible and at our discretion - Quinella, Trifecta, Exacta or First Four.

2.4.2. If there is a declared 'non-runner' or scratching after the wager is confirmed, wagers will be refunded on every combination which includes the scratched runner, and the combination stands and the wager re-calculated without the scratched runner.

2.4.3. In the event of a Dead Heat, there will be as many dividends as there are correct order combinations as declared by the local authority.

3. Settlement & Cancellation rules

3.1. Scratchings

3.1.1. If a runner is scratched, the wager will be refunded in full.

3.1.2. For a Multi/Parlay bet, the impacted Selection will be voided but the Multi/Parlay will stand with the odds adjusted to 1.00 for the scratched Selection.

3.2. Abandoned/Postponed and Transferred Meetings

3.2.1. If a meeting is abandoned, transferred to another venue/track (including transferring to a different track at the same venue) all bets are void and money refunded.

3.2.2. If scratching’s are reinstated due to a postponed meeting at the same venue then all bets are void.

3.2.3. Futures that have been postponed or transferred from the original date, all bets stand until the completion of the event.

3.3. Deductions

3.3.1. All fixed odds bets may be subject to deductions after the placement of the win and place bets.

3.3.2. In the case of scratchings after the declaration of the final field, and after the bet has been placed, deductions will apply to the face value of winning fixed odds bets as per the official deductions listed.

3.3.3. Deduction calculations are specified as a percentage, deducted from each dollar of the wagers expected winnings.

3.3.4. In the event that multiple runners are scratched from a race, a combined deduction rate will be calculated by summing the total rates of each scratched runners deductions as per the deductions listed.

3.4. Errors

3.4.1. If Stake publishes, posts or quotes any incorrect betting information for any thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing event, such as posting wrong odds, then regardless of the cause of the source of such error Stake has the right to void each member's bet.

3.5. Acceptance of Bets after Start Time

3.5.1. If a single bet is inadvertently accepted after an event has begun, the bet shall be deemed to be invalid and will be refunded to the customer.

3.5.2. In the event of a horse or greyhound being withdrawn late by order of the stewards, all bets will be paid as stewards direct, including deductions on remaining runners.

4. Bet Types

4.1. Fixed Win and Place

4.1.1. All bets will be paid out on successful selections at the fixed price when the bet was placed subject to any deductions or protests.

4.1.2. Dead heat rules apply on all bets where applicable. See Rule 1.3.

4.1.3. Deductions for scratchings after fixed odds bet placement apply. See Rule 3.3.

4.2 Starting Price (SP)

4.2.1. 'Starting Price' (SP) bets are the last Fixed odds offered for a specified runner at the end of betting.

4.2.2. Stake reserves the right to limit the wager amount on Starting Price bets and reserves the right to exclude customers from this price type at its discretion.

4.3 Japanese Starting Price (JP-SP)

4.3.1. Only offered for Japanese racing, JP-SP bets are offered as a tote derived product from local dividends. The official payout and dividends will be declared once correct weight and official results are posted.

4.3.2. Stake reserves the right to limit the wager amount on Starting Price bets and reserves the right to exclude customers from this price type at its discretion.